The heart of Mistral

For children

    Children are our favorite guests. Especially for them we designed a series of themed days, which include an exceptional variety of activities in different locations in the complex. Our animators are available for children aged 7+ from 7:30 in the morning until late. Because the holiday is for fun, health, sports, friendship and rest - and we manage to offer all this.Like this:

Our program startsMorning


Football training
Whether you have large practice on the field or are just taking your first steps in this sport, you will like the outdoor training on our special football pitch a minute walk from the beach.

We go on withLunch


Time for rest and a delicious lunch in the company of good friends. Tastes that everyone loves, prepared with love and fresh, local products.
Leaders' meeting
The time when you can share how you want to have fun in the coming days. Opportunity to participate in the planning of the program and to include in it your favorite games and activities
Art time
Depending on the day we offer to discover an artist in yourself in a drawing class or to join an art studio with musical instruments. A make-up studio is also provided for the ladies. We will keep the other surprises for time you'll arrive.
Time for sports and more fun
Тhe options are more than diverse. One day, there will be a pirate relay, the next - football, volleyball or water polo. How about a sand sculpture competition or a "Music Marathon" quest
What else do you want to try?
If you are more athletic, you can join the record for jumping rope. If you are attracted to the arts - draw a face of the underwater world. Or maybe you want to make a valentine or rush in a pirate search? Mistral has a special day and a time for all this.

We finish withthe evening


Evening show
From the pirates, visiting Neptune at the beach and themed party “ Love story”to “Guess the melody” or “ Ms Mistral” beauty contest – fun for everyone is important to us
Аre you ready for the party? Whether on the beach or not? Welcome to find out!

Get to know withthe youngest friends


Diana Miteva
A wonderful team! And in the restaurant there is something delicious for everyone
Tamara Likomanova
We are very pleased with the Mistral complex! It is close to the beach, there are two pools that are always clean, and there are sunbeds for everyone. There are shops and parking sites nearby, games and entertainment for children and adults are organized every night. I am visiting it for the second year and it seems it’s being maintained. There are flower beds, the walls are painted with sea paintings and are constantly cleaned. The restaurant has a large terrace with sea view. We will be happy to visit it next year as well.
Nikola Zafirov
For the second year I’m charmed by the hospitality and beauty of Mistral. Every day there are various games and entertainments for parents may feel calm leaving their children in the hands of the animators. There are separate tournaments and events for adults ending each night with an outdoor disco. The place is really suitable for children, families, as well as to send your child to summer camp or entrust him to the care of animators.